Tirfor Winch Rope (Rope Only)


Models TU8 (800kg) and TU16 (1600kg)

Tirfor® machines are portable manual hoists used with maxiflex wire rope.

They can be used to lift, pull and position loads over great distances depending on the wire rope length.

They are suitable for use in numerous configurations and are the ideal solution for use in professional applications; they are operated by a simple lever Option: the load capacity of the Tirfor® system can be increased by using sheave blocks.

Portable hoist to lift and pull loads, for utilisation in numerous configurations with long cable lengths.


  • WLL: 800kg
  • Machine Weight (kg): 8.4
  • Wire Rope Weight (20m) (kg): 6.1
  • Special Trifor Wire Rope (mm): 8.3
  • Wire Rope Breaking Strain (kg): 4000
  • Dimensions of the Machine (L x l x w): 527 x 265 x 108
  • Dimensions of the handle opened/closed (mm): 770 - 510


  • WLL: 1600kg
  • Machine Weight (kg): 20
  • Wire Rope Weight (20m) (kg): 13.1
  • Special Trifor Wire Rope (mm): 11.5
  • Wire Rope Breaking Strain (kg): 8000
  • Dimensions of the Machine (L x l x w): 660 x 330 x 140
  • Dimensions of the handle opened/closed (mm): 1190 - 680


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