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Dehumidifier - M/D

Dry air is a laboratory phenomenon. Atmospheric air will always contain moisture, often in quantities that prevent natural ventilation from providing an effective answer to drying buildings. Whether it be during construction, after fire or flood damage, even after a period of disuse, moisture will build up within buildings, often with damaging consequences. These problems can be disguised by the use of heat or ventilation (when the weather is occasionally suitable) but are unpredictable, slow and potentially energy inefficient.

Dehumidifiers are the only method of positively removing moisture in a controllable, efficient manner from a space, and at a speed that can be dictated to suit the application.

During building construction dehumidifiers can be used to accelerate the rate of drying wet processes such as concrete floors and plaster, not only allowing the construction work to proceed more rapidly but in a way that ensures the drying will not encourage cracking and distortion. Further, concrete floors that are dried by dehumidifiers will always settle at the correct moisture level.

Porta-Dry dehumidifiers are fully self-contained, packaged units which incorporate an air circulation fan and a totally CFC free refrigeration circuit. The fan draws room air into the machine passing it firstly across a refrigerated heat exchanger (evaporator). This cools the air, causing the moisture in the air-stream to be precipitated onto the evaporator as water.

The electrical driving energy, the energy recovered from the air-stream and the latent energy gained from the dehumidification process is combined and fed to the refrigeration condenser which is thereby heated.

The cool dry air from the evaporator passes across this heated condenser before being passed back into the room, dry and warm. The moisture collected from the process is fed away to waste.

Due to the unique nature of a refrigeration circuit, energy removed from the air during the dehumidification process is converted into useable heat. Typically, for every 1kW of Electrical energy that a dehumidifier consumes, it will give out 2.5kW of heat energy. Thus by removing moisture from the air, rather than heating it to a high temperature, Porta-Dry dehumidifiers will dry in a gentle, more controllable manner. This alleviates possible material shrinkage and cracking problems associated with high temperature drying methods and saves substantial running costs.


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