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Winner of Executive Hire Show 2010 - Passionate Hirer Award

15th May 2012

The award was from the Executive Hire News publication. They decided to visit 305 independent Plant Hire companies all over the UK. These visits were totally anonymous. A short list was compiled of the best of these companies and then enquiries were made to our customers and suppliers.

Mystery customers called in or telephoned us to check on our customer service. Eventually we were told about this and a representative from the Executive Hire News called to interview us and check out our premises with special consideration to our staff, work shop and technical facilities.

Everything was given a mark and Hire It Kidderminster came out on top!

The award was presented at the Executive Hire Show 2010 atThe Ricoh Arena Coventry in front of a crowd of over 400 people from the world of Plant Hire and John said it was nerve wracking waiting on stage with the other finalists to hear if we had won.

After a short presentation on each company finalist we heard the news we had hoped for and were absolutely delighted. We couldn't wait to telephone all the lads and girls at Hire It to tell them the news. It's such a team effort to run a place like Hire It and we are very proud of each and every one of our staff.

After the award ceremony there was a party where we could let our hair down and enjoy ourselves and meet up with friends from the Plant Hire community.


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